Ebola Prevention

Ebola Prevention Tips for Frontline Healthcare workers!

First: Triage Nurse should wear a Health Shield for all patients with a GI or respiratory infection.
Secondly: ALL physicians and nurses treating patients with GI or respiratory infection symptoms should wear a Health Shield.
REMEMBER, Flu, ILI, EV-D68 and Norovirus are all present today and it is difficult to differentiate between them at first glance. So let's protect our healthcare workers on the frontline when it is undefined because no one wants to "give" themselves an infection! We need them all to provide patient care each day.

It seems so simple, yes, but ONLY for those who are mindful.

Thank you for helping to "spread the word not the germs"!

Dr.Will Sawyer

 ** You can read all about our Ebola Prevention Strategies and Tips to help YOU and your healthcare workers remain healthy by clicking the tabs on the right hand side of this page. These items give people the tools to keep from giving themselves Ebola. Please share these tips with ANYONE you know!!**