NEW! Motion Activated Hand Hygiene Reminder Sign

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Henry’s Motion Activated Hand Hygiene Reminder Sign (MAHHRS):

We know that habits are hard to change and that developing healthier behavior routines can be a difficult transition that requires innovative tools, strategies and the expertise we have. We have developed many tools to help you change your hand hygiene behavior and we would like to introduce the most recent Tool developed to help improve the health and wellness status for individuals and communities.

Henry’s Motion Activated Hand Hygiene Reminder uses visual and auditory cues to grab your attention. Using Henry’s MAHHRS, you can develop better compliance with hand hygiene and create a culture of prevention in your school, pre-school and daycare.

This simple tool helps to make hand hygiene a “healthy habit” by actively reminding you to better your hand hygiene behaviors. By creating mindfulness and situational awareness with Henry’s MAHHRS, you will help improve infection prevention, promote better hand hygiene, and in turn maintain a healthy school environment for children, students, staff and teachers!

Description of purpose:

  • Habits are hard to change and need repetitive reminders
  • Most people adults and children need a “cue” to improve hand hygiene behavior
  • This Tool helps to intentionally train the healthy behavior of hand hygiene at a young age
  • Create lifelong habit of hand hygiene through cues and reminders so that it becomes second nature.


To see a video on how it works click on the photo above!

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