• The 4 Principles of
    Hand Awareness

    1. Wash your hands when they
    are dirty and BEFORE eating
    2. DO NOT cough into your hands
    3. DO NOT sneeze into your hands
    4. Above all, DO NOT put your
    fingers into your eyes, nose
    or mouth

    Henry the Hand

    The 4 Principles fo Hand Awareness have been endorsed by the AMA and AAFP

    The CDC and Prevention say handwashing is the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of disease.


    We have Programs that will meet your specific needs for implementing a primary Infection Prevention Program for all respiratory and most gastro-intestinal infectious diseases. If your need is not published here then contact us as it may be in our library or on the shelf.

    Thank you for helping your family, school, work place, place of worship and community to “stay well”. Together we can make a difference!

    Dr.Will Sawyer


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