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Comprehensive Cold & Flu Prevention Triad

Dr Will wants you to promote the, “Comprehensive Cold & Flu Prevention Triad” in YOUR Home, School, Hospital, Dr's Office, ...
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"Handwashing is the New Vaccine"

Help us "spread the word not the germs" on how  “Handwashing is the new vaccine”* against ALL respiratory and many ...
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Dr. Will Talks about Henry’s Hand Hygiene Learning Center

Dr. Will talks with Miyoung Cho, RN of South Korea at NASN 2016 about the benefits of our new Henry's Hand Hygiene ...
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Time to Train our Healthcare Workers about the T Zone!

I am certain many of your staff  go to work sick!    Comprehensive Cold & Flu Prevention Triad: 1. Do ...
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Henry’s Infection Prevention packets to help engage the family!

    Make this coming school year a healthy one! Send these Back to School  Infection Prevention packets home with ...
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HHS Healthy Aging Summit in Washington, D.C!

Dr. Will takes advantage of a Teaching Moment at the Healthy Living Summit (sponsored by HHS Office of Disease Prevention ...
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The T Zone Teaching Moment

Watch/ Share this video and learn the importance of teaching others about the TZONE (Mucous Membranes of the Eyes, Nose ...
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