Henry the Hand Foundation was recently contacted by a medical student, Anjanna Kukreja, who attends Penang Medical College. Penang Medical College is located on the little island of Penang, which is part of Malaysia. As part of a final year project, she and four other medical students organized a health promotion campaign in a primary school.

“The campaign went really well and the kids loved Henry and learned how important it was to wash their hands,” Anjanna said.

The group made Henry the Hand bookmarks and translated Henry the Hand posters into the Malaya language so the children could understand them.

Anjanna and her group also demonstrated proper hand washing techniques with GloGerm lotion.

“We collaborated with the District Health Office and borrowed their really cool mobile sink and UV light box with the GloGerm. We put the gel on the kids’ hands, let them see it glow, then we taught them to wash their hands. Then they put their hands under the UV box again to see if they washed their hands properly.

“It really helped that they could actually see for themselves how important it is to wash their hands. Thank you so much in helping us spread the word and not the germs!”

Thank you, Anjanna, and your group for promoting Hand Awareness to students and teachers in Penang!

From left to right: Leong Tze Xian, Atikah Razley, Noor Hamimah Zainon, Anjanna Kukreja and Zulhafiz Rahim

We have the Bookmarks and 4 Principles Poster that were translated. If you click on either link below you will be able to download the 4 Principles Poster or the Bookmarks.

4 Principles of Handawareness in Malaysian

Bookmarks in Malaysian