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School Partnership for Continental US




The Infection Prevention School Partnership is a comprehensive program with consultative support between the Henry the Hand Foundation and the school to ensure the best outcome.  During this partnership, a school will see a decrease in the incidence of absenteeism due to illness.We know a healthy student is a better learner.  This partnership will help mitigate the impact of viral infections that annually threaten the health of both the students and staff, adversely impacting the learning environment.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Will Sawyer and his team have been promoting true primary infection prevention techniques and strategies that are proven to reduce the spread of respiratory and gastro-intestinal diseases.  By working together, we can make a difference!

This science based multi-media and multi-sensory behavior modification program will benefit the health of every student and staff in the school.

This Partnership provides the curriculum guide, tools and coaching necessary to make it simple for anyone to teach the Hand Awareness program. Teachers, school nurses, educational assistants, parents, wellness committee members, college or high school students, and community members are encouraged to teach this program.  This Partnership is self explanatory and is based upon the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness, which were endorsed by the AMA and the AAFP in 2001.

During the Infection Prevention Partnership, a school will receive:

– Infection Prevention Tool Kit for the School Partnership – this includes more tools than our normal Tool Kit for the School to serve a school of approximately 500 students.

– Curriculum Guide

– Classroom Presentation Guide

– Infection Prevention Calendar highlighting 3 primary teaching campaigns and additional reinforcement activities to be done throughout the year.

– Letter to parents

– 2 Refill Kits: to help ensure success of the program, reinforcement tools are automatically shipped to the school to limit the need to anticipate the timing needed to re-order.  Along with new ideas and activities, the refill kits include stickers, tattoos, germ potion, and posters.

– Monthly Infection Prevention Partnership eNews updates: sent to the Champion to help remind and coach them as they oversee the implementation.

– Consulting Support: participating in this partnership includes access by phone or email with the Henry the Hand Foundation’s Infection Prevention Advocates.  This will help ensure success for the school to maintain a healthier learning environment.

– When a school has completed one full year with the Partnership, they will be eligible to be Certified as meeting the criteria of the Infection Prevention School Partnership for one year.

This Infection Prevention Partnership for Schools is the most effective program on the market to maintain a healthier learning environment for students and staff. This Partnership can guarantee a reduction in your students and educators absenteeism and eliminate the fear of illness outbreaks in your school!

It is available for only $995 plus shipping and handling per school.  The price listed above includes shipping and handling if you are in Hawaii or Alaska.

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