The 4 Principles of Hand Awareness

1. Wash your hands when they are dirty and BEFORE eating
2. DO NOT cough into your hands
3. DO NOT sneeze into your hands
4. Above all, DO NOT put your fingers into your eyes, nose or mouth

The 4 Principles of Hand Awareness have been endorsed by the AMA and AAFP
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Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 12.23.05 PM Dr. Will’s Weekly Healthful Tip: National Public Health Week April 7-10

  We recommend augmenting the weakness in our public health approach to vaccination alone as the solution! We suggest to Mary DiOrio Ohio state epidemiologist enlist Henry to promote respiratory infection prevention using, you guessed it, the 4 Principles of Hand Awareness to empower the public! With particular attention to the 4th Principle: do not more »

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 1.25.13 PM Weekly Healthful Tip & Survey Results

    In reviewing the 385 responses to our Hand Hygiene survey on March 18, it suggests we need to ramp up our educational effort! 1. What hand hygiene process the spread of C. difficile? 63% answered Handwashing was the process that prevents the spread of C. difficile, while 36% said both hand sanitizer and handwashing prevents more »

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 4.15.16 PM Cold & Flu Prevention in 1955 and NOW

“Sniffles and Sneezes” (Common Cold Prevention) 1955         YES it is true! As far back as 1955 is a campaign with similar concepts to our strategy. Unfortunately, the CDC and Prevention has not picked up (or at least does not promote) the T zone significance in cold and flu prevention! Perhaps Dr.Joe Bresee of CDC can answer this question! more »

DSC07615 Henry the Hand and Kenya Connect new partnership

Henry the Hand and Dr. Will have started a new partnership with Kenya Connect to help teach children in Kenya how to stay healthy using our 4 Principles of Hand Awareness. On Global Handwashing Day this year they  did some handwashing presentations in Mbaikini Primary School, Wamunyu ABC school, Makaalu Primary school with about 400 kids. Below more »

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